Making merchants more money is our passion

At the SMS Masterminds, we are more than a “product.” We are mobile loyalty experts helping merchants around the country understand HOW their customers WANT to be communicated with, driving greater engagement, greater loyalty, and greater profits for that merchant.


We merge the power of text messaging, mobile apps, social media, web, and traditional marketing to get customers excited about what merchants have to offer, and coming back for more.
We have developed a technology that helps merchants reward their customers for their loyalty. Merchants can install our Loyalty Rewards Kiosk in their business, which allows consumers to join their loyalty program simply by entering their phone number into the touch screen tablet. The merchant gets real-time analytics of each time a customer “checks in”, then we can “reward” the customer based on how many times they check-in over a given period of time. We can also send messages out via text message, email or social media based on the customer habits.

Check out our video below for a brief overview of how the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk works.