Jody Wassmer imurvip

groceryJody Wassmer, owner of imurvip, is generating great results with his advertiser, Wesselman’s Supermarket in Evansville, IN.

Wesselman’s was doing a four-month trial with plans to expand the program to their other eight stores.

Wesselman’s utilized the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk broadcast feature to send out heavy discounts on food items from their bakery and deli to all subscribers, and sent the following message to their existing database of 334 subscribers:

“Text sent 10/10/12: “Treat ur sweet tooth @ Wesselmans -Weinbach. Get a FREE 6-count cupcakes with a $20+ purchase. Yum! Thru Tues 10/16. One-time use. Show text. 4wrd to friends!!”

As a result of their efforts, 38 customers redeemed the offer, making an 11.3% response!

In the future, Wesselman’s will continue to offer bakery and deli offers.

Lessons learned? If you have a product that can be discounted, try it! You’d be surprised how much money can be made from selling discounted products.


Kyle Williams QpINs

Kyle Williams, owner of QpINs, is generating great results with his advertiser, Cash & Carry Foods in Grangeville, Idaho.

Being one of only two grocery stores in the town, Cash & Carry Foods was looking to increase the number of shoppers at their store and decrease the number of shoppers at their competitor’s store. They felt mobile marketing was a solution to drive traffic for a promoted item, anticipating that shoppers would spend more once in the store.

Cash & Carry Foods implemented the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk—a touch pad that allows consumers to opt-in to an advertiser’s text marketing campaign by simply entering their phone number into the pad, to offer exclusive discounts to its large database of opt-ins.

They also sent out a text broadcast to its subscriber list, created a call-to-action via the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk urging customers to enter to win a $100 grocery shopping spree, and offered a free half gallon of ice cream to customers who check in 10 times on the Kiosk.

Text Broadcast:  “Thirsty? Today ONLY at Cash & Carry Get Any 12 pack COKE Product For ONLY $1.99 (Save $5) When U Show This Exclusive Txt To Cashier! Limit 1/per phone -Code 500”

Kiosk Enticement: “Enter To Win a $100 Gift Certificate & Receive VIP Deals & Insider Only Offers!”

As a result of their efforts, a total of 64 people redeemed the text offer, including several within the first half hour of the broadcast. All but five redeemers bought something else along with the discounted Coke product, making the average sale around $20 and giving  the store a total revenue boost of around $1,300. Cash & Carry Foods also received 109 Kiosk check-ins on the day of the broadcast, and accumulated 339 subscribers in the first two weeks.

The owner of the store was ecstatic about his success on the first broadcast and is looking forward to his next promotion!


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