Ken Leandro 805Insider

csc-1Ken Leandro, owner of 805Insider, is generating great results with his advertiser, Coastal Skin Care Day Spa and Medi-Spa in Ventura, CA.

Coastal Skin Care was looking for a way to establish a texting program to keep insiders informed and give out special deals.

Coastal Skin Care utilized the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk to entice customers to opt-in, and sent text messages to loyal customers to inform them of specials, deals on products and happy hours with discounted prices. They sent the following broadcast to their database of loyal customers:

“Dear Insider, The staff here @Coastal Skin Care are loving their results of the new Advance Active Radiance Serum & this month U get a FREE $30 gift with purchase!”

As a result of the spa’s efforts, they have established a database of 400 subscribers in just 3 months.

In the future, Coastal Skin Care will continue to build their subscriber database and offer great deals to their insiders.


George Goldberg LATextSavings

tanning-bedGeorge Goldberg, owner of LATextSavings, is generating great results with his advertiser, Maui Tanning L.A. in Encino, CA.

Maui Tanning was looking to create a substantial subscriber list, starting with an empty database.

Maui Tanning implemented a sweepstakes with the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk to entice customers to opt-in, and the following broadcast was sent out to new subscribers:

“Text the keyword MAUI & enter to win the color TV, get weekly text deals and upon joining the Maui Text Rewards Club, take 10% off your first tanning session.”

As a result of the salon’s efforts, in the first three weeks they gained 106 opt-ins and 265 check-ins.

In the future, Maui Tanning will continue to build subscriber lists and doing sweepstakes

Lessons learned? Make sure the advertiser and staff are on board with the text campaign! The staff needs to know how to get customers to opt-in and get excited about sweepstakes.


George Goldberg LATextSavings

George Goldberg, owner of LATextSavings, is generating great results with his advertiser, Massage Simple in Northridge, CA.

Massage Simple was looking to fill up appointments on a very poorly booked evening, so they sent out a ‘today only’ text broadcast offering subscribers $10 off any massage.

The following text broadcast was sent to subscribers at approximately 3:30 p.m. to get clients to book appointments for that evening only in order to fill up their schedule:

Today is your lucky day!! MASSAGE SIMPLE is giving $10 OFF ANY MASSAGE TODAY ONLY AFTER 5 PM. Call (818) 882-5878 for appt. Must show text.”

As a result of the broadcast, Massage Simple booked 7 appointments for that evening with an average sale of $40 per appointment. One redemption almost paid for an entire month’s worth of the text marketing services.

Because of the success of the broadcast, Massage Simple plans to send out more text broadcasts with immediate calls-to-action in the future.

Lessons learned? Even last minute text deals work as long as you make it worthwhile for the recipient!


Ken Leandro 805Insider

Ken Leandro, owner of 805Insider, is generating great results with his advertiser, MVP Haircuts in Ventura, CA.

Prior to working with 805Insider, MVP Haircuts was utilizing a punch card loyalty program to reward repeat customers. However, the hassle of relying on customers to remember to bring in their punch card to each visit caused the owner to look into implementing a text-based loyalty marketing program.

Along with sending out text broadcasts to its subscriber list, MVP Haircuts is using the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk —a touch pad that allows consumers to opt-in to the business’ text marketing campaign by simply entering their phone number into the pad.

The owner of MVP Haircuts expressed that some of the key advantages of 805Insider’s services are the tracking and the flexibility. Instead of the customer having to remember to bring in his/her card every time and the employees remembering to punch it, the text-based marketing program does it all automatically.

“We are able to engage our customers on a routine basis, setting up messages to go out at a certain time, or we are able to send out messages on the fly. If we have something going on or want to let our customers know we are doing something differently, we can send out a message right then and there and let our customers know what’s going on,” said the owner, Carl Brewer.

Since November, MVP Haircuts has added over 950 subscribers to its database and has received over 3,500 check-ins on the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk. In the last month alone, the business received 584 check-ins on the Kiosk.

MVP Haircuts has noticed a growth in business due to increased use of the loyalty program by customers.

“All of our customers have really enjoyed the switch. Everybody is entering into the program, they’re able to forward messages to their friends, and Ken has been great,” said Brewer.

Check out the video below to see MVP Haircuts’ complete testimonial!


Rob Hartmann ConnectionText

Rob Hartmann, owner of ConnectionText is generating great results with his advertiser, 203 Tan Co. in Connecticut. The salon was looking to increase the frequency of their tanners by giving them an incentive to come in more often, thus purchasing bigger tanning packages.

203 Tan Co. implemented the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk—a touch pad that allows consumers to opt-in to an advertiser’s text marketing campaign by simply entering their phone number into the pad, in order to offer exclusive discounts to its large database of opt-ins.

The salon had been using ConnectionText’s services for about one year and had reached 300 subscribers. After they added the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk, their subscriber list increased to over 450 subscribers in just 30 days.

The inactive customer alerts set up via the Kiosk have allowed the salon to send an offer/alert/coupon to customers that haven’t checked-in on the Kiosk for a certain number of days. The salon sent out the following inactive customer offer:

“We miss you @ 203 TanCo. We know you need some color! Come down this week for a FREE Tan!”

The offer yielded a 16% redemption rate, bringing in $800 in additional revenue to the salon.


George Goldberg LATextSavings

George Goldberg, owner of LATextSavings, is having great success with his advertiser, Massage Simple in Northridge, California.

Massage Simple has been using “daily deal” sites like Groupon and LivingSocial to offer discounts to customers, but they wanted to find another tool that would encourage more loyalty among customers.

Massage Simple kicked off their text marketing campaign with a sweepstakes in order to entice customers to join the mobile loyalty rewards program. They also constructed three text messages that they alternate and send out on a weekly basis.

Massage Simple has added 350 opt-ins to the database, and on average, they receive 3 redemptions per day, 7 days per week.

The owner is very pleased with the results of the mobile rewards program and has even referred several other local businesses to LATextSavings.


Steve McKown MOcoopinz

Steve McKown, owner of MOcoopinz, has been using the Integrated Media Management services to help drive business at Tan Pro USA, his own tanning salon chain located throughout Ohio.

Steve implemented a campaign at his salon’s Mansfield location in hopes of driving sales during weekends, which are typically the salon’s slowest days of the week.

The store implemented a strong call to action with a two day duration offering, “Buy any tanning package get 1 free,” and urging customers to text TANPRO116 to redeem.

As a result of the broadcast, 20 out of 174 subscribers responded, equating to an 11% response rate. The salon profited $1,017 as a result of the broadcast, and the subscriber list has increased to 553 subscribers since.

Tan Pro will continue using the strong call to action in the future since it generated such great results.


Dave Marchiori & Dave Pizzuto eDealColorado

Dave and Dave’s advertiser, Fantastic Sam’s in Greenwood Village, Colorado, is having great success with their mobile marketing campaign. Fantastic Sam’s wanted to find a way to increase customer traffic, especially during holidays and other slow times, as well as sell more of the hair products they carry in the store.

Fantastic Sam’s sent out a broadcast on the 4th of July to its subscribers, “Fantastic Sam’s liter sale TODAY ONLY, Stop in 4 Huge Savings- get ur favorite shampoo or conditioner 2 for $20. Friends Text SAMS to 29548. Show this Text.”

4th of July holiday traffic had been extremely slow in previous years, with only 12 customers in 2009 and 24 customers in 2010. In 2011, after sending the eDeal broadcast to 300 subscribers, 58 customers redeemed the offer.

The 19% redemption rate generated over $1,200 in revenue for Fantastic Sam’s in one day!

Because of the increase in revenue, Fantastic Sam’s will continue using eDealColorado’s services in the future to send out more exclusive offers to loyal customers.


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