Todd Treinen VIPTextDeals

Todd’s advertiser, Deer Creek Golf Course in Overland, Kansas, was looking to drive customers to the course to fill empty tee times on slow days.

After attending a golf trade show, Deer Creek obtained 500 new subscribers in just three days. The golf course wanted to push a message out to those 500 new subscribers with a strong call to action: “DEER CREEK GOLF: VIP’s Early Twilight Special Starts TODAY ONLY @ 4 pm for $25.00 /Green Fee-Cart & Hotdog! Up 2 Four Players per text!”

As a result of the broadcast, 26 people redeemed the offer, equating to a 5% redemption rate. The golf course profited $650 from the offer.

The following Friday, the golf course sent out another broadcast to its 512 subscribers for a Sunday Only Special: “VIP CLUB – SUNDAY SPECIAL!  Green Fee & Cart for $28.00 after 12pm for up to 4 golfers.  Call DEER CREEK GOLF 4 T-TIMES @ 913-681-3100.”

The weather on Sunday was cloudy, cold and windy, and the course had 8 tee times cancel. Despite the poor weather, Deer Creek had 18 golfers redeem the Sunday Special deal.

At $28.00 each to play, the Golf Course made $504.00 gross revenue. Including food and alcohol sales, Deer Creek profited about $604.00 total.

The golf course sees the potential profit in sending out similar offers each week. In one month, it could profit roughly $2,800 while they pay only $299 for the member of the TextMeUSA network’s Integrated Media Management services.


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