Bars & Nightclubs

Rob Hartmann ConnectionText

Rob Hartmann, owner of ConnectionText, is having great success with one of his advertisers, Terminal 110, an entertainment complex in New Haven, Connecticut, featuring a restaurant, dueling piano bar and nightclub.

Terminal 110 typically holds their events, including concerts and comedy shows on Friday nights, so it wanted to drive the same amount of traffic into the complex on Saturday nights as well.

In order to drive in customers on slower Saturday nights, Terminal 110 ran a 10-day sweepstakes offering the winner a Victoria’s Secret gift certificate.

The complex used only social media to advertise the sweepstakes by posting on their Facebook and Twitter pages: “TONIGHT: 1 lucky person will win a $500 gift certificate to VICTORIA’S SECRET. Just text the word “SECRET” to 42671 to enter. MUST be present to win and don’t forget Keys to the City—CT’s only rock n’ roll dueling piano bar! Show starts at 8pm, food served till 1am and always free parking!”

As a result, 253 people texted in to redeem the offer, thus adding 253 subscribers to Terminal 110’s database and bringing in around 253 customers on the night of the sweepstakes drawing.Terminal 110 surpassed usual Saturday night cover charge sales by 20% the night of the offer.Since April, Terminal 110 has added 1,200 subscribers to its database.

Terminal 110 will continue doing Saturday sweepstakes to give loyal customers incentive to keep coming in, and will also continue utilizing social media to reach its target markets.



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