Gas Stations

TJ Button tcdealZ

TJ Button, owner of tcdealZ, recently yielded great results with his advertiser, Holiday Stationstores. Holiday is a leader in the convenience store industry with several locations throughout the country, that is committed to providing high quality fuel along with an extensive product selection and other services.

Several Holiday locations in Minnesota began using the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk, a touch pad that allows consumers to opt-in to an advertiser’s text marketing campaign by simply entering their phone number into the pad. The Pad also can keep track of each time a customer “checks in” to that business, and the customer will receive a loyalty “Reward” based on how many times they check-in over a given period of time.

Those who opt-in through Holiday’s Loyalty Rewards Kiosk will receive gas alerts that inform them of increases in gas prices, and will be offered a discount if they come in to purchase gas that same day.

The advertiser sent, “Holiday gas alertZ! Gas is going up to $3.79. Show this text and pay ONLY $3.65 per gal. until 6pm! Valid 6/1/11. Pay inside only.”

Holiday sent out four gas alert broadcasts to its 700 subscribers and received redemption rates between 15% and 29%  each time.

Holiday Stationstores will continue sending out similar gas alert broadcasts in the future, and it wants to begin offering deals for other in-store services like oil changes as well. TJ is also in the process of expanding the Integrated Media Management services to other regional Holiday locations.


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