Jody Wassmer ImURVIP

yhst-52319714659341_2268_3797Jody Wassmer, owner of imurvip, is generating great results with his advertiser, Wild Flower Boutique in Evansville, IN.

Wild Flower was looking for a great way to keep in contact with their customers.

Wild Flower utilized the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk broadcast feature to inform their loyal customers of special events, deals and new products, and sent the following message to their existing database of 219 subscribers:

“Join us for Wild Flower Boutique’s Babette Trunk Show fall preview today thru Sat. 10am-5pm. BONUS SAVINGS – 20% OFF all Babette spring collection in stock

As a result of their efforts, Wild Flower saw a 301% traffic increase!

In the future, Wild Flower will continue to contact their loyal customers to let them know about more special offers and events.


Jody Wassmer ImURVIP

t460x279Jody Wassmer, owner of imurvip, is generating great results with his advertiser, The Red Poppy in Evansville, IN.

The Red Poppy was looking for a way to reward their loyal customers by offering special deals.

Wesselman’s utilized the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk broadcast feature to send out special discounts to all subscribers, and sent the following message to their existing database of 173 subscribers:

“Red Poppy Loyalty Rewards Alert! Get 20% OFF 1 item up to $20 OFF! Thru Sat 6/8. Great chance to get an item you’ve had your eye on! Show text & check-in @ kiosk

As a result of their efforts, The Red Poppy saw a 189% traffic increase!

In the future, The Red Poppy will continue to offer great deals on their merchandise.


Ken Leandro 805Insider

imagesKen Leandro, owner of 805Insider, is generating great results with his advertiser, Ventura Harley-Davidson in Camarillo, CA.

Harley was looking for a way to let customers know about events going on in their parking lot and reward their loyal customers.

Harley utilized the Loyalty Kiosk to obtain a database of loyal customers who could easily be reached by text message to inform them of events and rewards.

As a result of their efforts, in three months Harley has garnered over 877 subscribers and continues to grow.


George Goldberg LATextSavings

imagesGeorge Goldberg, owner of LATextSavings, is generating great results with his advertiser, Ellie Boutique in Porter Ranch, CA.

Ellie was looking to increase sales by utilizing the broadcast feature to send out weekly unique messages to subscribers.

Ellie Boutique implemented the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk to broadcast deals for great deals on their product, and the following message was sent to new opt-ins:

“Thanks for joining Ellie Boutique’s Exclusive VIP Rewards Club. Show this text to receive 10% OFF YOUR NEXT PURCHASE.”

As a result of the boutique’s efforts, after 4 months they received repeat business thanks to the rewards kiosk, and sales were increased by 80%.

In the future, Ellie Boutique will continue to use the rewards program and recommend it to anyone looking to improve business. 

Lessons learned? Enticing customers with a great deal is a very effective way to get repeat business!


Jason Cohen MobileScoops

Jason Cohen, owner of MobileScoops, generated great results with his advertiser, Communications Electronic in Timonium, Maryland.

Communications Electronics is an exclusive AT&T Authorized Retailer serving the Maryland/Washington DC area and the eastern shore of Maryland and Delaware.

Communications Electronic sent out a broadcast to its subscriber list in order to drive traffic in-store and boost sales.

“Accessorize your device! Show message for 20% off an accessory purchase at any Communications Electronics store, including cases, chargers & more. Ex. 1/9/12.”

The message was sent to 321 people and the store received 7 redemptions, equating to a 2.2% redemption rate on the offer.

Each sale averaged out to about $135.00, with all but two being phone sales/activations or upgrades.  Communications Electronic gained approximately $945.00 in additional revenue after the redemptions.


Todd Treinen VIPTextDeals

Todd Treinen, owner of VIPTextDeals, is generating great results with his advertiser, Brown’s Shoe Fit Company. Brown’s Shoe Fit Company is one of the largest shoe retailers in the Midwest, with over 80 stores in 12 states.

Brown’s objective was to drive new boot sales through their “VIP Members Only Sale,” so they sent an exclusive offer to its VIP members only:

“VIP’s EXCLUSIVE BOOT SALE ON NEW ARRIVALS: @ BROWN’S SHOE FIT LAWRENCE: SHOW-Text-2-Save-$20 OFF/No Limit/reg price only. Hurry- Exp: 11/20/11.”

The broadcast was sent to 208 subscribers and 12 redeemed the offer, equating to a 6% redemption rate. Brown’s Shoe Fit Company’s average boot sale was $150, but after factoring in the profit margin and the discount from the mobile coupon, the store profited $55 per sale. With 12 sales, Brown’s made a $660 gross profit and generated a 660% ROI based on the cost of their $199/month plan.

Next, Brown’s Shoe Fit Company will be sending exclusive offers to its VIP members for Black Friday sales and their 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, where they will be giving away 12 different items throughout 12 days in December.


Dave Marchiori & Dave Pizzuto eDealColorado

Dave Marchiori and Dave Pizzuto, owners of eDealColorado, are generating great results with their advertiser, Uptown Cheapskate, a fashion forward resale exchange specializing in used young adult clothing.

Uptown Cheapskate was looking for a way to get better returns on their advertising dollars and to drive more customers to their retail store during slow periods.

In order to feature new products and drive revenue, the owners decided to celebrate the store’s 1 year anniversary with their customers by offering a robust discount through a text broadcast:

“Uptown Cheapskate- 1 year anniv Sale 10-80% off! Our biggest event of the year! 100s of discounts on ur favorite brands & NEW products- ends Sunday.”

The offer was sent to 206 subscribers and 25 redeemed it, equating to a 12% redemption rate.

Uptown Cheapskate now has over 500 subscribers in its database.


George Goldberg LATextSavings

George is continuing to generate great results with his advertiser, M. Fredric, an upscale clothing boutique with five locations throughout Southern California.

M. Fredric wanted to increase sales on Mondays, the store’s slowest day of the week, so they sent out unique text offers at 9AM on Mondays where the offer expires by the end of the day.

An example of one of M. Fredric’s Monday offers: “M.FREDRIC Alert!!!! New Fall 2011 Arrivals In Stores Now! Show text on 8/15 to get 15% OFF entire purch of reg priced merch. No other discounts.”

In two months, M. Fredric profited a total of $9,808.98! The average sale per person after the discount was $138.14, and M.Fredric’s ROI based on their package plan was 786%!

The innovative and unique text offers each week helped create continued interest, and M. Fredric is very pleased with the results.


George Goldberg LATextSavings

George’s advertiser, M. Fredric, is an upscale clothing boutique with several locations throughout Southern California. The owners of the boutique wanted to create an elite group of VIP customers from each of its stores who shop frequently and are likely to forward their texts to friends, and they called the program, “M. Fredric’s Text Rewards Club.”

Consumers were asked to text the keywords MF01, MF02, MF03, MF05, designating a keyword for each of their participating stores, for customers to text to the short code 63211.

All 5 stores send a weekly text to their subscribers offering an exclusive 1-2 day discount that is different each week.

Example: “M.FREDRIC alert! Show text for 15% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE of reg price merch. 2 days! 6/26+6/27 only. No other discounts. Forward to friends!”

M. Fredric is also offering an opportunity to win a $1,000 shopping spree to one person who opts-in to their Text Rewards Club.

In the first 4 weeks, there were a total of 160 opt-ins to M. Fredric’s Text Rewards Club, and there were 25 redemptions, equaling a profit of $1,980.00 of merchandise.

M. Fredric’s ROI for the first month was 496% based upon the $399 fee they paid for the Integrated Media Management services.

At first, M. Fredric was hesitant about using the service considering the upscale demographics of its clientele, but based upon 1 month’s results, they are ecstatic with the ROI and are excited about the numbers as their subscriber list continues to grow.


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