A badass little company committed to excellent service

SMS Masterminds is a business development company founded in 2009 by serial entrepreneur Alex Minicucci that is changing the way mobile marketing services are used by small and medium sized businesses. This new integrated, data-driven approach combines the core functions of SMS/text messaging, mobile web and email helping businesses create stronger relationships with their customers through the use of proprietary social and mobile marketing tools.

The world is excited about mobile. Mobile Marketing is a fast-paced industry that is growing more and more every day. SMS Masterminds is the industry expert dedicated to providing you with knowledge that will keep you up-to-date on the latest mobile marketing industry news and trends, as well as inform you on the experiences and successes of the merchants within the Masterminds network.

Whether you’re a consumer, merchant or marketer, you can benefit from harnessing  the power of mobile.

2 comments on “A badass little company committed to excellent service

  1. Could you please put me in contact with your CEO, I would like to bounce some idea’s.

    I have a 55 million database in South Africa and would like to discuss a couple of things.


  2. I want to learn the biz please tex me o
    Me or e mail me. I want to be part of a powerful team. Give me the tools to build an empire. Call me 318 564 8040

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