Car Wash

Frank & Ann Sanchez 914VIP

Frank & Ann Sanchez, owners of 914VIP, are generating great results with their advertiser, Central Park Auto Wash in Yonkers, New York.

Central Park Auto Wash was looking for a way to build a substantial subscriber list, so they implemented the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk—a touch pad that allows consumers to opt-in to an advertiser’s text marketing campaign by simply entering their phone number into the pad, to offer exclusive discounts to its large database of opt-ins.

They encouraged customers to text CLEAN to 80258 to opt-in to the text marketing program, and also offered a free full-service car wash for customers who check in 10 times on the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk.

In the first 60 days of the campaign, the car wash obtained 780 opt-ins and 1,529 Kiosk check-ins.

The owner of Central Park Auto Wash has two other businesses, a gas station and an auto repair shop, and is considering using the text marketing program in both.

Lessons learned? A strategically placed Kiosk and a strong call-to-action will generate great results.


TJ Button tcdealZ

TJ’s advertiser, Paradise Car Wash, wanted to drive more customers in and increase the subscriber database at several of its locations throughout Minnesota.

Paradise began using the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk at five locations, allowing customers to opt-in to their campaign through a touch pad at the car wash and check-in each time they visit in order to receive discounts.

After just two weeks of using the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk, Paradise Car Wash obtained 350 new opt-ins and over 500 check-ins.

After increasing the subscriber database, Paradise sent, “Paradise Car Wash VIPs! From 2pm-7pm get 50% off any wash full service and up! Valid 6/2/11 only MUST SHOW TEXT! Please Fwd to Friends!”

The broadcast was sent to 980 subscribers and 92 people redeemed the offer, equating to about a 9.5% response rate.

Paradise Car Wash will continue using the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk at several Paradise Car Wash locations to build subscriber database and encourage customer loyalty.


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