George Goldberg LATextSavings

125668317.336.255George Goldberg, owner of LATextSavings, is generating great results with his advertiser, Kids Park in Northridge, CA.

Kids Park was looking to inform families of their kid care program and activities for children.

Kids Park implemented the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk to entice customers to get people signed up for great rewards and sent the following offer to subscribers:

“1 free 3 hour stay at kidspark!”

As a result of Kids Park’s efforts, their total client base has increased by 20% and they have seen a substantial increase in business.

In the future, Kids Park will continue to build subscriber lists and get families involved in all Kids Park recreational activities and day care programs.

Lessons learned? Sending out a can’t-miss offer is a great way to entice customers to come back in!


Jody Wassmer ImURVIP

Jody Wassmer, owner of ImURVIP, is generating great results with his advertiser, Walther’s Golf & Fun—an entertainment center featuring mini golf, laser tag and arcade games in Evansville, IN.

Walther’s Golf & Fun was looking to encourage subscribers to come in to play free rounds of mini golf and bring friends, so they sent out the following text broadcast to the subscriber list:

Golf-n-Fun Text Rewards Alert! Show text thru 6/17 for FREE rounds of mini golf. Ur friends play FREE too. Good all week unlimited use.”

Walther’s is also using the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk—a touch pad that allows consumers to opt-in to the business’ text marketing campaign by simply entering their phone number into the pad.

They sent out the text broadcast on a Monday morning in early summer when school was out, and the management offered cash incentives to employees in order to encourage them to get customers to opt in to the program.

Walther’s received a 23% redemption rate on the offer, with 13 subscribers redeeming the offer on the first day the broadcast went out. A total of 25 subscribers redeemed the offer throughout the week, and Walther’s added 110 subscribers to database in just 10 days.

Walther’s plans to offer $2 off Laser Tag in a future text broadcast.

Lessons Learned? Multi-day text offers have the highest redemption rates on the day they are sent to subscribers. The redemption rate declined on subsequent days.


TJ Button tcdealZ

TJ’s advertiser, River City Extreme, is a family entertainment center featuring a bowling alley, arcade, mini golf and sports bar and grill and whose objective was to drive-in more customers and increase their subscriber list.

River City Extreme is using the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk, a touch pad that allows consumers to opt-in to an advertiser’s text marketing campaign by simply entering their phone number into the pad, in order to send broadcasts to its large database of opt-ins and offer discounts to loyal customers.

As a today-only offer, River City Extreme sent out, “River City Extreme VIP’s! Show this message and get $10 worth of tokens for ONLY $5! Valid noon-9pm on 6/8/11. Limit 1 per text. FWD2friends.”

The broadcast was sent out to 350 subscribers and River City Extreme received a 12% redemption rate on the offer.

River City Extreme also has obtained over 310 new opt-ins since using the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk, and the entertainment center will continue using it in the future to build and maintain its subscriber database and to encourage customer loyalty.


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